Learn about the life and deeds of Jesus with this free game
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Jesus is one of the most well-known characters in human history. This free game allows you to learn several facts of Jesus' life according to the Scriptures. The game is divided into three different parts. The first one is called "What Jesus look like" and features a series of portraits of Jesus made in different times of history. You are asked to order them according to their date. Then, the actual quiz begins. It is about Jesus' life and deeds. You need to click on the correct answer, and if it's wrong, you can go back and revise it. Once you have the right answer a screen will appear showing the Bible quote where that information is featured. Those answer sections also show paintings made by famous artists related to the theme of each question. The program also includes a section about the Bible books, showing a bookcase that includes all the books in which the Bible is divided. Nevertheless, it does not include the books themselves, and the information featured is very basic. The game is suitable for children, but grownups can learn new things or revise their knowledge about Jesus, as well as watch the beautiful paintings. You can download the game for free at the developer's site.

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